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Workshop at Drum Central, Roddy Bottum's Sasquatch Rock Opera at Summerhall, Cygnus Flare Armeni

I'm looking forward to hanging out at Drum Central in Edinburgh tomorrow for this Drum Workshop to talk about some drum related topics. The plan is to talk about: Time, Dynamics, Brushes, Rudiments and Ear Training - it's free entry and at a really cool drum shop, so if you're in the area come by. If you're coming please accept an invite on the facebook event or call the shop in advance to book your place in case it gets busy:

The first show of the Edinburgh Festival has begun, Sasquatch the Opera. This is a rock opera written by Roddy Bottum (Faith No More) and has a great cast and band line-up - I'm excited to play on this pretty much every night in August. It's at Summerhall main hall daily from 9:15pm 2-27 August. My next show with Movin Melvin Brown kicks off on 7th August from 4:20pm daily at Roxy Assembly, then the Pronto Jazz Swing From the Movies one starts in mornings to make it 3 shows a day!

Cygnus Flare are happy to announce the first public date of our Armenian tour in September in Yerevan. Our next gig is at Ronnie Scott's with Tord Gustavsen as part of the International Jazz Piano Trio Festival. We also started recording our first album a few days ago, here's a video that Arman took whilst I was recording drum tracks for the tune Wind Chimes - it's a drum solo in 5/4 (you can't hear the backing music so it's a bit out of context).

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