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Amati Orchestra, BBC Music, and a bit of jazz

Tonight was my first proper rehearsal with the Amati Orchestra at their lovely church in the St Paul's area of London. The last time I played with them we met on the concert, so it was nice to have time to meet people properly and to move my four timpani into their new home at the church. I'm looking forward to doing an event with them this Sunday called BBC Music - Get Playing, details are on the BBC website if anybody is keen to get involved. Here's a photo of the orchestra rehearsing the Dvorak Cello Concerto.

The Cygnus Flare gig last night was really good fun and we had a great turn out which was nice, especially for a Monday. We had somebody there to video the gig so should hopefully get some footage out of that, but an audience member was kind enough to video a bit on her phone too. This was Beatrice by Sam Rivers, which we played in 7 like the Robert Glasper version - there's a lead sheet and explanation of how we count this in the Transcriptions part of the website.

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