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CarolineS_drums Day 21

Today will mainly be spent driving across England to buy a vintage set of Slingerland pedal timpani. I'm really excited to collect the drums and have been looking online for a set like it for months - they don't come up very often. Buying my previous set of timpani has really opened up opportunities to play with different orchestras and also to hire them to other groups, so hopefully this new set will lead to even more opportunities.

Playing-wise, I started the day practising dotted quarter note based rhythms over a set foot pattern in 7. It's not as random as it sounds, it's to free me up for complementing our pianist Arman's solos in a Cygnus Flare tune called Million Fallen Stars and the foot pattern is the bass guitar pattern. Arman has a really natural ability to play interesting phrases no matter what the time signature is and I'm trying to join in with him or complement his improvised phrases more without losing the underlying rhythm.

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