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Cygnus Flare at Pizza Express Soho, function gigs, and a sprinkle of jazz

First up, I'm massively looking forward to some musical adventures with Cygnus Flare tomorrow night at Pizza Express in Soho. Tickets are selling well and we're hoping it will sell out - please come down if you live nearby and fancy it! Here's a photo from our last gig at Pizza Express at The Pheasantry in Chelsea.

Otherwise things have been pretty busy but really varied. I've been getting more work with different jazz based function bands, which has been quite fun and has led to some nice posh band meals in fancy central London buildings that I'd never otherwise get to go in! One of them was with a jazz octet (which was really fun, it was like a mini-big band reading from charts with original arrangements) playing before Louisa Johnson, who to be honest none of our band had heard of but now we know that she won X-factor a couple of years ago. She sounded great and it's nice to know that even folks that are famous to the general public do function gigs from time to time! Other than that, I've been busy practising, playing some jazz and some orchestral music on timpani. Just now each day is different and musical, and for that I'm grateful! Hope you're all well.

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