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Edinburgh Fringe Festival + Asazi Space Funk Explosion

Tomorrow is my last day on the Movin' Melvin Brown show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It has been a really fun Edinburgh Festival this year, but I need to get back to London so am passing the drum chair over to my good friend, Ross MacPherson, who will join us on percussion tomorrow for my last gig. There are some gigs and a lot of rehearsals coming up in London - Cygnus Flare have been writing new music for our gig next Saturday at Toulouse Lautrec jazz bar and my cruise ship band has an audition in Manchester that we need to prepare 180 function band tunes for. I've also picked up another theatre show that will start at the beginning of September in London. Last night I joined my old Edinburgh-based band Asazi Space Funk Explosion for a late night gig at Henry's Cellar Bar, it was nice to rejoin the band and play at this venue as I used to play there a lot - we had some fun drum jams.. Good times!

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