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CarolineS_drums Day 15

Today I had a day off from gigs/rehearsing and have been playing with my new iPad. I’ve installed ForScore which is software for reading music, and have been moving all of my orchestral and function band charts onto the iPad. I’ve charted out over 200 pop songs for different function gigs just by hand writing notes and grooves for different tunes on A4 sheets - I’d usually fit a few tunes on each page and would write the charts in order of the setlist. That was useful at first but now I’ve been playing some of these tunes again and the notes are spread all over different pages, and there are a lot of pages now so it’s getting messy. I’ve been re-writing these charts electronically on the iPad, so for any gigs in future I can have a library of charts and just drag and drop them into a set list for that gig. There’s a built in metronome so I can also have a click running whilst reading the chart if wanted. I’ve uploaded an example - can you guess which tune it is?

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