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CarolineS_drums Day 19

Started the day with Cygnus Flare again today. We’re nearly done writing music for our upcoming gigs and are now just trying to learn to actually play it.. Some of it’s pretty tricky! It’s definitely pushing me to try new things though, for example I’m playing cowbell patterns with my left foot on a couple of the new tunes. Then I had a productive rehearsal with vintage swing band The Swinging Magpies, we got some new songs ready for a gig next Thursday at The Hideaway, Archway. I’ve tried moving some charts from the paper copies that I usually read with them to my new ipad.. which has triggered some controversy over the benefits of paper charts versus electronic charts. I quite like the red pen annotations on the ipad as you can see it clearer than pencil - so our band leader David bought us all coloured pens! So I’m now armed with an ipad and a bright red sharpie, and feeling prepared!

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